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Flow of treatment


1. Inquiry sheet
After acceptance, you will be asked to fill out the inquiry sheet.

2. Interview and a simple physical check by director
Based on the inquiry sheet, from pain at that point to such everyday lifestyle, director  asks the about necessary items for treatment. That ba check the movement of the body in the basic operations such as bending forward. The more director examine the such as distortion of the skeleton.

3. Distribution of treatment plan
Often, the interview or examination, since the cause of the pain can grasp or squeezing, to determine the therapeutic goal therefrom and make a treatment plan. Then, explain the details to patients, if you could be convinced, go to the actual treatment.

4. treatment

Sagamino cocoro's treatment

Treatment item

Of course, symptoms of disease 5 dealing with insurance treatment (fractures, bruises, sprains, dislocation, contusion),  we will treat all about pain and care of musculoskeletal.

Chronic conditions.Stiff neck. Low back pain. Neck stiffness. Knee and ankle, such as joint pain, such as muscle pain.
Acute symptomsslipped disk, sprains, and so on.
SportAs a maintenance before and after various sports activities and games.
Pelvis correctionBy returning the spine-pelvis to a normal state, and to eliminate the pain that comes from the distortion of the body, muscle metabolism also better, even diet effect.
For pregnantwe accept pregnant if it entered the stable period.
In addition to each disease of more, and I will check, such as failure of the body in total.

About our treatment

Treatment is based on the theory

From the knowledge of the director is physiology and anatomy that has been cultivated, and make a reasonable treatment plan for you to maximize the original function of the human each site has. Specifically, the center of the treatment is "stretch" their own that was earned in a career of director ever.
1. We prepare the body.
2. We enhance the function of each part
3. We make a strong body .
We will say that physical care to approach from three point called.

Treatment fee

The health insurance outside, mainly for the stretch of course, will take charge you have set in our hospital. Its For other, please contact us.

Fee list
 Standard course (30min)5000 Yen
 Best condition course (45min)7000 Yen